Energy Efficiency Assessment / Retrofitting

What are Energy Efficiency Assessment Services?

Energy Efficiency Assessment Services are an effective way to enhance the energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness of your property. This involves making upgrades to older buildings that were not included during construction, such as replacing outdated heating systems, upgrading ventilation and air quality, installing renewable technologies, or enhancing insulation.

A residential energy efficiency assessment evaluates all aspects of a building, from its architectural design to its construction and structural integrity. We'll also examine the current condition of the property, identifying any issues like water damage, condensation or mould.

What is the extent of the Energy Efficiency Assessment process?

At the center of our process is a comprehensive evaluation of residential buildings for energy efficiency upgrades, identifying and assessing potential improvement options. We monitor each project closely, aiming to achieve insulation objectives while minimizing thermal bridging.

Our methods are intended to ensure air-tightness in the building envelope and establish a safe moisture balance throughout all components.

Furthermore, we offer metering and monitoring systems for promoting energy efficiency, as well as tailored recommendations for home improvements. Lastly, our specialists provide final approval upon careful commissioning. 

Roles in our retrofit process?

Our Retrofit Assessment Services involve a range of professionals with specialized expertise. Here are the roles that play important parts in the process:

Retrofit Advisor

Our friendly and knowledgeable advisors are available to help with all aspects of your retrofit assessment, from evaluating improvement options to designing the retrofit to meet your needs. They can also provide guidance on how to operate your home after the retrofit is complete.

Retrofit Assessors

Our retrofit assessors are trained and equipped to carry out assessments in accordance with the PAS 2035 standards. They will generate a RdSAP assessment, produce a detailed floor plan, prepare a condition report, and carry out an occupancy assessment.

Retrofit Coordinator

The retrofit coordinator is responsible for managing domestic retrofit projects to meet PAS 2035 standards. They will ensure that the interests of both clients and the public are protected throughout the project. They can also create a Medium-Term Improvement Plan based on the retrofit assessment data, which maps out necessary improvements over two decades or more.

Retrofit Designer

Our Retrofit Designer has developed a comprehensive package to help you identify the ideal combination of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs), products, materials, and connections for your building. This information will help you achieve the desired energy efficiency results and more.

Retrofit Evaluators

Our retrofit evaluators are skilled in monitoring and evaluation. They will provide knowledgeable feedback to the client and/or project team to help ensure success. 

Our Retrofit Installation service

At Retrofit Installation Services, we have a team of highly knowledgeable retrofit installers who specialize in the installation of energy-saving measures in existing buildings. Our goal is to provide a friendly and informative experience for our clients throughout the entire retrofit journey.

Comprehensive service

We take pride in providing a comprehensive service that covers every step of the retrofit process. From assessing your needs to ensuring successful completion, we are there to guide you every step of the way.

Advice and support

Our team is committed to providing advice and support throughout the whole process. We understand that retrofitting can be a daunting task, which is why we are here to help answer any questions you may have.

Direct communication

We are happy to deal directly with your Builder, Architect or Building Control Officer during our site visits. Our team ensures that everyone involved in the retrofit process is kept informed and up-to-date.

National coverage

Our services are available nationwide, so no matter where you are located, we can help you with your retrofit installation needs.

Flexible approach

We take a flexible approach to every project, identifying the ideal solution while adhering to industry standards at every turn. Our goal is to provide you with energy-saving measures that are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

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